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in the hospital. she suffered life threatening injuries, he is in serious-but-stable condition. >> president obama is waking up on the west coast after a swing that will which you several stops arriving at seattle international airport yesterday and attended two democratic national competent fundraisers greeted by demonstrators protesting the keystone xl pipeline. the protesters were out in front of the san francisco jazz club last night, as well, where he will visit this afternoon voicing opposition to the use of drones. the president will arrive if san francisco later this morning and there will be a rally if chinatown to discuss immigration reform and head to a fundraiser at a private home in pacific heights before taking off for los angeles. the president's visit to the west coast is amid record low approval rating with a cnn poll showing 56 percent of men disapprove of the performance. 41 percent approve. they believe the numbers reflect several embarrassments including the n.s.a. surveillance scandal and batched roll out of obamacare. >> the wife and son of a palo alto man held captive bit n
bills and rehabilitation. >> a set of political problems this morning for president obama's health care plan. some democrats in the house of representatives are threatening to break ranks and support republicans who want to change a key provision of obamacare. katie? >> some democrats are giving the white house an ultimatum: come up with a fix or we vote with republicans tomorrow. senate democrats are working on a bill to help undo the damage that has been done which is gaining support. even president obama says he is open to it. it could be too late. g.o.p. lawmakers have drafted their own bill and the vote is scheduled tomorrow in the republican-controlled house of representatives. >> the legislation we are bringing forward this week will allow those americans to keep the plans they have been promised. >> specifically, it allows people to keep their current insurance man through 2014 without penalties. the democratic representative says the bill is "terrible." he needs something else to vote on but, something that allows him to keep the lawmakers' progress to americans. health care of
expand to include sundays under the proposal to free up more space. >> sick, president obama's approval rating is at a low at 42 percent down 13 points this year. 55 percent disapprove of the job he doing and that is a record high for the presidency according to the latest washington post/abc news poll much because of problems with the rollout of the affordable care act. >> seven, selfie is the chosen word of the year and we declare this selfie day. take a selfie picture of yourself and tweet it to us. we could share it on air and on-line. >> today is 150 years since president lincoln gave one of the most famous stirring speeches in american history. thousands of people are flocking to gettysburg to recognize one of the greatest moments, the gettysburg dress the dedication if a new national cemetery in pennsylvania in november of 1863 fourscore and seven years arrest he gave the short speech to remind people that the war effort mist go on after the civil war. >> this morning, the los angeles police department is looking at a new approach to crackdown on car burglars. move over walking d
that will be voted on by staff and students and revealed in january. >> president obama has added a visit to chinatown to his trip to san francisco on monday. the white house say president obama will visit the recreational center no a public event to talk about immigration reform. this is the president's ninth trip to the bay area in 2 1/2 years and will attend a democratic national committee lunch on at jazz center on monday. ticket sales have been reportedly slow so organizers have cut the price in half for the cheapest seats, down to $500. >> the california board will consider letting people keep policies that are not covered by the health insurance act but it only lasts through march and not the entire year as suggested by president obama. sources tell the san jose mercury news victims who do not have complying coverage would have to sign up for a new plan by march 31. to more on coverage california and the policies that could work, go to abc7news.com on "see it on tv." >> caltrain service was erupted for four hours laugh night. an explosion on a power poll before 5:30 in san mateo af
that president obama called and congratulated the winners including blasio but he did not call governor chris christie. >> a crawl all the local election results continues to run across the bottom the screen throughout the newscast. you can fine the results on our website county by county at abc7news.com. a new snag in plans to demolish the old bay bridge. workers were scheduled to remove the sessions of the bridge this morning but a contractor is still working on a way to contain all of the debris. the work will begin in a week removing 1,400' of the old bridge. next year they take down the steel cutting the section in half with the demolition taking three years and cost $240 million. >> it is going to get warmer. >> and sunshine is free if you have solar panels. we have high clouds from time to time but it will not stop. look at this, mount tamalpais is not bouncing as much administration yesterday. look how clear the air is from sausalito to san francisco way down there to the san mateo bridge. you can barely see it. next 12 hours, 43 to 53 degrees. that is our temperature through 7:00. no
by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >>> president obama says the u.s. economy is improving, even if it's been overshadowed by political gridlock and the messy rollout of his health care law. in his weekly address the president says jobs have been created, the auto industry is recovering and deficits are falling. he's trying to be upbeat in the wake of his administration's failure to create a functioning health care website. >> our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs in the past 44 months, another 200,000 americans went back to work last month. the american auto industry has come roaring back with more than 350,000 new jobs, jobs turning out and selling the high tech fuel-efficient cars the world wants to buy. >> for the republicans, texas congressman mike burgess says the u.s. should scrap obama care and start over despite the president's promise, some people who like their doctor may lose their doctor. >>> president obama returns to san francisco monday, the president will visit the betty aung recreation center in chinatown to push for immigration reform and he'll attend a fu
checks. >> president obama is in los angeles this morning wrapping up the west coast tour. he left bay area yesterday after a whirlwind visit that included a speech on immigration reform. in san francisco in chinatown, that appearance is drawing national attention when a graduate student from san francisco state interrupted the president's speech. >> please, use your executive order to halt deportation of the 11.5 undocumented immigrants right now. >> if i could self all these problems without passing laws in congress, i would do so. we are also a nation of laws. >> he treated me lick a little kid and did not directly answer my question. it was very disappointed. >> he is an undocumented immigrant from south korea and the graduate says he did not intend to interrupt the president but decided to speak out because he is tired of hear politicians talk about immigration reform and do nothing about it. >> mike, today is a safe day for santa claus to go down the chimney? >> a little early but safe, yes, it would be safe. it is a "spare the air" day is that what you are hinting at? >> i thoug
businesses to frivolous lawsuits. if the bill passes the prospects are uncertain. >> president obama is meeting with business leaders this morning to keep pressure on the house of representatives to pass an immigration reform bill. he wants the house of representatives to create a road to citizenship for 11 million immigrants here illegally. house republicans say they want to focus on boarder security. >> today is election day. in colorado voters will consider a 25 percent chance on recreational marijuana to fund school construction. in maine, voters decide what to legalize the substance for recreational use. in washington state, voters decide whether to raise the minimum wage for airport workers to $15 an hour. in houston, voters decide the fate of the houston astrodome which could become an event center or torn down. >> hundreds of jobs up for grabs. who is hiring and where. >> plans for expanding the bicycle sharing program in san francisco. a lawmaker's vision of enough bicycles do replace muni. >> at 6:00, a new worry over obamacare but it is the people signing up for prove it.
for president obama and the flak he is getting from democrats. >> look up in the sky. a huge light show up and down the west coast this >>> covering cupertino, conquer, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. people along the west coast are buzzing over a light show last night. a fireball streaked across the night sky. a guy in southern california caught the immediate your on the car dash camera. people in los angeles and portland and mexico saw the meteor light up the skies. a man watched it drip down and says it appears so close he felt like he could grab a rock and hit it. >> it was like if slow-motion as big as a cantelope. all blue, just the tip of it was huge. the tip was just bright orange. >> if you have video, share it on facebook or on twitter. >> this morning, the obama administration is taking more heat for the botched health care website. democrats now are doing the complaining. the president heard complaints from 16 senate democrats up for re-election. the president says he is frustrated by the failure of health care.gov and health and human services secretary s
estimated. >> president obama says the administration is working to close some of the holes and gaps causing millions of americans to have their health insurance canceled. the president apologized to americans whose health insurance plans are canceled as a result of the affordable care act. 12 million have policieses that do not meet requirements for more comprehensive care. engineers and tech analysts are discovering new problems with healthcare.gov by the day but the obama administration vows it will be fully operational by december 1. second of state john kerry is in geneva to participate in negotiations over iran's nuclear program. ject jerk was in the middle east when he planned to travel to yankee navy came after the iran foreign said there could be an agreement by tonight with signs of a deal that would limit iran's atomic activity bringing top western officials to geneva. the state department says that john kerry will their "the difference -- will narrow the differences. >> and more controversy with lululemon not over the see through pants but the $100 pants start to pile after just
president john f. kennedy was welcomed as tokyo's airport. she will work closely with president obama to tackle urgent issues involving japan including the trans pacific partnership trade talks and relocation of military base and revamp of bilateral defense corporation guidelines. >> a mar mechanic dreams up a baby vacuum to help with difficult births. >> if you shop over black friday weekend, you may not have to fight the crowd with jane king at the new york stock exchange in the bloomberg business report. jane? >> good morning. the national retail federation says 147 million people plan to shop online over the holiday weekend. that is according to the "wall street journal" so watch for usually deals with half retailers saying they plan to start on-line promotions five days' the holiday week end. as if trading, futures are modestly higher. southwest airlines is joining the t.s.a. screening program called precheck where you can use dedicated lanes in the boarding process and keep shoes and jackets and belts on. san francisco and san jose and oakland all have the precheck for passenger
on the technical issues behind the rollout to president obama's health care website. 257,000 tried to get on the site but the majority of the problems are fixed and people are signing up. republicans want did know how much blame should be shouldered by the white house and whether the website is secure. >> we have an exclusive interview with the mysterious woman who was the face of the obamacare website, her image disappearing and the white house would not reveal her name is speaking out this morning on "good morning america" right here at 7:00. >> the early blast of winter is keeping many members bundled up from the northeast to the gulf coast. raleigh, north carolina has snow with lows in the 20's from the gulf coast to western texas and michigan are dealing with 1' of snow. police in new york blame black ice for a 20-car pileup that shut down a highway. seasonable temperatures are expected to return for the eastern united states by friday. >> contrasted with the 70's we have been getting in the afternoon. >> quite a seesaw. >> they have winter and we have late fall. it is still pretty w
much, much worse. >> honoring veterans and how president obama will pay respect to the armed service people switching to finish are experiencing amazing shine. quantum with power gel delivers brilliant shine, which cascade actionpacs can't do. take the finish shine challenge and see what it can do for you. i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at kp.org and thrive. >>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:28. thank you very much for joining us on this veteran's day. >> a check on the weather forecast first. mike? >> we have a look at visibility. we have had patchy fog. it is nowhere near the golden gate bridge. most of it is in the north bay, half moon bay and napa and sliding down the east bay shore
successful. >> way to go, miles, way to surrogate that will! >> president obama even got involved in a video posted on "the vine." he then tweeted this photo of miles running down hyde street. he encouraged people to follow him at #sfbatkid. it was so popular at one point we measured more than 20 tweets a second. and #sfbatkid was trending all over the try. this person's son sold the t-shirt. we originally expected to tell 300 and they sold 3,000. they are sold out but more will be made. you can buy them online at $20. all the proceeds will go to the make-a-wish foundation. >>> since yesterday's edition was so popular, san francisco chronicle is reprint their gotham city front page with updates on bat kid's adventure. they even added special reporters for the edition. you might recognize the names clarke kent and lois lane. up a ma dates was involved from the beginning. >> reporter: the police chief called an i am prompt tummiesage. >> please, cape crusader, we need you, and bring the bat kid. >> they asked her to be a part of badkid's day. you can follow ama dates on twitter. >>> a lot of p
house, president obama says this agreement marks a promised new path for curbing iran's nuclear ambitions. >> since i took office, i made clear my determination to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> in this six-month agreement, iran will limit its uranium enrichment to nonweapons grade level, dismantle portions of their centrifuge networks and also open their facilities to increased inspections. in return, iran will see eased sanctions that allow up to $4.6 billion in oil sales and $1.5 billion in sales of other goods, and the international community will not impose any new sanctions for six months. benjamin netanyahu says tougher sanctions should continue, but secretary of state kerry says ignoring iran would encourage them to grow their nuclear program. >> we believe that you would wind up with an iran with bigger stockpiles, with more advanced centrifuges. >> all sides in this negotiation say this is the first step in a long process, and if iran does not comply, the country could see even stricter sanctions, abc 7 news. >>> coming up at 8:00 on abc's this week,
. >>> with president obama reeling over the crippling affordable care act, will his fix to obamacare work? coming up at 8:00, they take on the fight over healthcare. don't miss abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up right here on abc7. >>> from the west coast all the way to the united kingdom, people all over the world are still talking about batkid. on friday alone, more than 230,000 tweets with the hashtag sf batkid were sent out and 19,000 photos were posted on instagram. yesterday the family of batkid stayed in san francisco to be tourists and enjoy the city. now that gotham city is state, five-year-old miles scott can take off his cape so he can put it on again anytime he wants thanks to the generosity of another young boy. friday miles was a star as thousands turned out to watch him play the role of hero. the suit was actually on lone from that young man, 7-year-old james coin, from the sacramento area. james agreed to let miles slip into the costume for the day. >> i helped him by giving him my bat suit from halloween this year so his parents and his family don't have to spend
this morning, president obama is commemorating veteran's day weekend by thanking the men and women who have worn this country's uniform. in his weekly address he said he's proud of veterans and he feels america's gratitude should extend beyond wearing thank you. >> i often said my pop priority is growing the economy, creating jobs and security the middle class. part of that is making sure every veteran has every chance it share in the opportunity he or she has helped defend. in addition to the care and benefits they have earned, including good mental healthcare to stay strong, that means a good job, a good education, and a home to call their own. >>> the president says he will do everything possible to ensure veterans sacrifices will always be honored. >>> happening today, former secretary of state hillary clinton will be hear in the bay area for several events. she'll give a speech mascone center and hurry supporters will be outside urging her to run in the 2016 presidential election. she will also hold a benefit for the clinton foundation. >>> new details about the mysterious keagle barge
. her achievement was producing president obama's town hall meet on the campus in 2011. in her new book zuckerberg talks about ways to balance your digital careers and our analog lives. >> people value their unplugged time, their time without distractions and one-on-one time with other people. i think it was really having my own son, he's two and a half now, that changed my viewpoint on that. >> her son already knows how to navigate an i-phone and he's getting addict today it. that's why she wrote a children's version of her book called dot. >> children model their behavior after us and if you are half in a conversation because you are texting or e-mailing or you are not giving your undivided time or look at the phone at the dinner table, they will pick up on those cues even at a young age. >> she's ceo of her own marketing firm, zuckerberg media. one thing she's learned from her little brother mark at facebook is to prioritize. for example, no matter how busy mark was, she would also stop to take a call from his then girlfriend, now wife, priscilla, proving that the home front comes fi
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